Mom Topics

I had a good hour n’ a half convo with my mom today. My poor mom can be quite scattered sometimes, jumping randomly from one topic into the next with little rhyme or reason. It’s a medical issue.

Anyway, today’s convo was pretty linear and engaging. We covered important topics such as…

  • A mother’s love
  • Cauliflower recipes
  • Church dinners
  • Crocheting dragons
  • Dad’s quirks
  • Diet n’ exercise
  • Family drama
  • Family tree
  • First Nations
  • Friends n’ neighbours
  • Future plans
  • Ghosty stories
  • Medical side effects
  • Meditation
  • MS
  • My birthday
  • My sister’s knees
  • Nieces n’ nephew
  • Old cats
  • People I don’t know
  • Prostate cancer
  • Sudden death
  • Volunteering
  • Work n’ writing

I will make an effort to try n’ call more often, like maybe every week or two versus once a month-ish. And because I’m putting it in writing, now I have to, right?


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